Superior Hi-Fi Music System

Smart Home

Our Brief:
The brief for this project from our client was to provide an exceptional sounding stereo system, with a design form that is in keeping with my modern contemporary apartment. The client had auditioned many speakers and different electronics, big floor standing speakers to book shelf speakers.

What we did:
For us it was simple, there was only one brand to recommend…..Steinway Lyngdorf and after we carried out a home demonstration for our client, he agreed and opted for the stunning Model S in a 2.2 configuration. The Steinway Lyngdorf Model S delivers a stunning true to life presentation despite its surprisingly compact size – this makes it a truly perfect solution when the quality of the performance cannot be measured.

Thanks to Room Perfect technology which provides a digital room correction, this three-dimensional measuring technique analyses and optimises sound performance for the specific room. This technique ensures that the audio system produces pure sound throughout the room, regardless of furniture, room size, loudspeaker location, or listening position.

The system far outperformed that of the clients auditioned speakers and electronics from other manufactures, while providing a level of style and compactness that is just not possible from any other system.

What we used:
Steinway Lyngdorf Model S 2.2 Hi-Fi system, SP1 Stereo Sound Processor, High Res Audio Music Streamer