The Bell in Ticehurst

Commercial / Garden

This quirky hotel and pub required some ambience throughout the outdoor seating dining area, and unique potting shed seating pods. The solution from Sonance provides a balanced distributed audio experience, with controlled audio reproduction, this allows the system to play at low volume levels while still enveloping the space with high quality, clear music. The result is a spectacular atmosphere of both music and guests reverberating around the garden and restaurant.

The Tech:

We have used a Sonance Garden Series in the main garden areas which comprises of satellite speakers and subwoofers and the results are a beautiful blend of performance and discreetness, delivering superb quality and crystal clear sound at a perfect volume across the whole garden. This scalable system ensures discrete outdoor all weather audio, that blends into the surrounding landscape for an immersive music experience that radiates, seemingly, from everywhere.

For the Potting Sheds we have mounted a single stereo (left and right audio channels) speaker to the ceiling of each pod. These Sonance mariner outdoor speakers are available in a black or white finish and feature a IP66 rating allowing for this loudspeaker to be used in the most challenging outdoor environments ensuring a consistent and trouble free performance whatever the weather.

For the amplification we used a range of Sonance DSP amplifiers, these feature SonARC (Sonance Advanced Room Correction), which offers hundreds of EQ presets designed specifically for Sonance speakers while catering for the latest high-resolution audio formats.

When the guests leave reviews and positively mention the audio you know you have done something right… So when we read this guest review it brought back the same smile we had when we demonstrated and handover the system to all the staff.
“Just home from an amazing evening spent with you. Ate in the garden last night and it was so amazing, loved the music and it actually felt like we were on holiday!”