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LG – CX OLED TV – 48″, 55″, 65″, 77″

LG – CX OLED TV – 48″, 55″, 65″, 77″


The following sizes availble:  OLED77CX6LA (OLED-77CX6LA), OLED65CX5LB (OLED-65CX5LB), OLED55CX5LB (OLED-55CX5LB) & OLED48CX5LC (OLED-48CX5LC).

Using the most innovative 4K OLED technology on the market, the LG CX gives you the ultimate picture quality so you can fully enjoy your favourite films and sport, like you’ve never seen them before.

  • Description

    Product Description

    LG – CX OLED TV: The most innovative technology in TV.

    LG – CX OLED TV is the latest and most innovative technology in TV. All of the screen’s pixels are self-lighting. They work independently to emit their own light unlike any other TV technology on the market.. Only this technology achieves absolute perfect blacks and therefore the ultimate picture quality. LG’s OLED redefines TV and delivers the most exquisite viewing experience.

    ULTIMATE PICTURE QUALITY: Perfect black levels, outstanding colours, infinite contrasts and the sharpest details.

    LG CX produces the ultimate picture quality with the most outstanding colours, infinite contrasts and sharpest details. This is due to the innovative

    LG OLED technology, 4K Ultra HD display resolution, Cinema HDR including Dolby Vision and the new LG α9 Gen 3 Processor, the brain of the TV. Moreover, the LG CX is packed with other innovative features to maximise your gaming, sports and movies experience. It includes AI Upscaling and Auto Genre Selection which automatically detect the content you are watching and optimise it to the highest possible output. It also features G-Sync, Free-Sync and ALLM (Auto law latency mode) which enable a smooth and synchronised gaming experience. For cinema fans, Filmmaker Mode ensures that films are displayed in the quality closest to what the filmmaker had intended.

    SOUND QUALITY: immersive three-dimensional sound. An oustanding picture quality requires an outstanding sound quality. That’s why the LG CX gives you an immersive three-dimensional sound experience that make you feel as if you are right there inside the action.
    This is due to features such as Dolby Atmos and AI Sound Pro. The sound is also intelligently and automatically optimised based on the settings and location of your TV, to ultimately give you the best entertainment experience whilst watching a movie with your family, supporting your football team with friends or playing your favourite games. LG webOS

    SMART PLATFORM: award-winning & easy to use.

    LG CX features webOS, LG’s award-winning and easy to use smart platform which hosts all the most popular streaming services (e.g. Now TV, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV+, Disney+) and makes browsing and searching for what to watch completely hassle-free. The LG smart platform can be controlled either with our game changing LG Magic Remote or through voice control. Also, it includes the Sports Alert feature which gives you real time alerts on your favourite sports news (e.g. results, goals) whilst watching something else so you won’t miss out and can fully relax whilst watching other content. Furthermore, the LG CX enables you to effectively control your smart home with in-built Google Assistant and Alexa.

    DESIGN: premium look, premium feel.

    Only OLED’s revolutionary construction is so thin and light that your LG TV design merges seamlessly and elegantly into your home. Made with durable materials and premium finishes, the LG CX features a sleek metallic stand.

    LG BRAND & AWARDS: LG is synonymous with quality and innovation.

    In 2014 we developed OLED technology and year on year we have optimised it with new features and better processors, forcing ourselves to raise the bar in the global TV market. All our design and engineering expertise have been recognised every year with the most prestigious awards from Which? and What Hi-Fi? just to name a few outlets.

  • Additional Information

    Additional Information


    48", 55", 65", 77"

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