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Technics SC-C70 Ottava All-In-One Music System

Technics SC-C70 Ottava All-In-One Music System

£799.00 £749.00
SKU: Technics SC-C70

Premium all in one Music system featuring music streaming via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and a top-loading CD player. SC-C70 delivers richness, clarity, definition and versatility to your home listening experience. Combine this with a DAB/DAB+ Tuner, Internet Radio, Spotify and Tidal, this system will impress even the most discerning audio enthusiast.

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  • Description

    Product Description

    The amp section of the OTTAVA™ f succeeds the Technics Reference System design concept and embraces a fully-digital amp configuration equipped with JENO Engine (Jitter Elimination and Noise-shaping Optimization) in order to deliver all of the audio data contained in the high-resolution sound source faithfully to the speakers without loss.

    Moreover, the OTTAVA™ f is equipped with three units of the same JENO Engine as those used in our high-end models to optimally drive the built-in speakers, thus achieving a high-quality, integrated hi-fi system that meets Technics standards. It adopts a bi-amp structure to separately drive the woofers (low-frequency sound) and tweeter/mid-range speaker units (mid-/high-frequency sound), and utilises the high-performance signal processing circuitry (DSP) mounted in the JENO engine to achieve precise channel dividing, adjustment of time alignment between speaker units, and correction of frequency characteristics.

    LAPC is an original Technics speaker load adaptive technology. It measures the amp’s frequency amplitude phase characteristics with speakers connected to the unit, and performs digital signal processing to achieve the ideal impulse response. Characteristic parameters optimised for the low-frequency and high-frequency speaker load characteristics of speakers are already pre-set in the LAPC computation circuit of the unit to realise ideal frequency and phase characteristics over the entire frequency range.

    Key features

    • Supports CD, radio, USB, analogue-optical input, Internet radio, Spotify, TIDAL and Hi-res High wireless connectivity:  Bluetooth / Wi-Fi / AirPlay/ DLNA (access your stored music)
    • Powerful and spatial Hi-Fi sound
    • The aluminium top panel not only gives an attractive appearance but also enhances the cabinet rigidity.
    • The touch keys are built into the top aluminium panel, achieving a clean and smooth design and high-quality operating feel.
    • The speaker system consists of three types of newly developed speaker units.
    • The top-loading CD player beautifully illuminates the disc placed inside.
    • Embraces a fully-digital amp configuration equipped with JENO Engine.
    • Space Tune™ for correcting changes in frequency characteristics.
    • Wide directionality, expanded sound field and detailed high-frequency sound reproduction capability.
    • Reproduces sound over an ultra-wide frequency band in a range of 40 Hz to 50 kHz.

    Supports a wide variety of music sources and high connectivity

    • CD Player
    • DAB / DAB+ / FM
    • USB Playback
    • AUX-in
    • Optical-in
    • Bluetooth
    • AirPlay
    • DLNA
    • Wi-Fi
    • Hi-Res Audio
    • Powerful Bass with Subwoofer
    • Space Tune™
    • Internet Radio
    • Spotify
    • TIDAL
    • Control App
    • Remote Control

    Preset EQ provides the optimum Technics sound quickly. 3 types of presets are available and choose one of them considering its placement and your preference.

    • Free
    • Near the Wall
    • Near the Corner

    iOS device calibration is available for more precise adjustment. 
    Measure room acoustic conditions by using microphone integrated in iOS devices and tune DSP parameters to optimise acoustic performance.

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